The process of forming a model Rotary club was started in August 1994. The then District Governor Rtn. Rajaram, Senior Rtn. Aravind, The then GSR Rtn. T. Ramanathan and Rtn.Natarajan then President of Rotary Club of NorthWest, took great efforts in selecting the members and inviting them to join Rotary. This hotel The Taj opened at that time and it was decided that the club will meet here. 12 of the 25 original charter members still remain while others have shifted for business reasons. The average age of the members was 25 except for four old people. Viz. Rtn.Jayaraman, the Charter President, Rtn.Dr.Ramalingam, Charter Secretary, Rtn.Theenachandran a Dynamic Leader, And Rtn.Ramgopal our Guru. The First two grew older and retired from active service while the latter two have become younger and stay with us guiding and leading us.
Effective functioning of a club is possible only when the fellowship among the members is strengthened. The success of our club is due to the club service activities.

The way we conduct the proceedings of our meetings is an envy of every other club in our District. The Formal Dress Code we have for the Installation Function, Governor’s Official Visit and Charter Day is unique. It makes us feel special and more responsible to maintain the ideals of Rotary.

Our Metro Safari – a trip to the hill side – from the very first year, A family trip once every year,
Theme dinners parties
i) Village Theme Kumalamapatti
ii) Marriage are made in Heaven

Families Dinners at members’ homes
Special programs for Rotary Annes, like cooking demo, make up tips etc. Talent Shows for Children in which our Annets participate enthusiastically All this makes our bond stronger

Dinner meetings became homely, after Past President Srinivas encouraged members to host dinner parties. Before that we had to pay for the dinner.

Our club does not have women members but all our Rotary Annes take part in all the club activities. They are there in every official meeting introducing members, giving guests mementoes etc. They are there in the editorial board of the club bulletin. They lend their hand to community projects. They make the dinner meets lively.

The Rotary Annets participate in all the club programs enthusiastically.

Cricket matches between different Rotary Clubs was fun. Our Rtn.Fazal was always ready to play. We won the trophy several times.

We regularly have joint meetings with other clubs to foster friendship.

We visit our members’ work places to learn what they do. In the past Madras Cements VP Mr.Shanmugam invited us to Ramco Cements, SRS invited us to Sundaram Fasteners, Mr.KN. Ravi invited us to Sundaram Brake Linings, Rtn. Vinay invited us to Bright Spinners, and this year Guna invited us to Vaigai Finetex. Every visit was a learning experience.

Rotarians Serve through their vocations and practice high ethical standards in Vocational Service, We encourage people in their vocation by recognizing their talents and giving them vocational service excellence awards. Some of our members have given vocational training to deserving candidates.

Our club has recognized 3 imminent personalities with the For The Sake of Honor Awards. Viz. Mr. Bangera – Managing Director Hi-Tech Arai Pvt. Ltd. When Rtn.Vasu was the President Mrs. Premlatha – Principal & Correspondent Mahatma Montessori School, when Rtn. Fazal was the President

Mrs. Rajakumari Ramasubramanian – Executive Director M S Chellamuthu Trust

They continue to excel in their vocation and service.

We Rotarians undertake projects to improve life in the community .

The idea for an old age home came up in the first year of the club. Our charter President Jayaraman organised German Marks 500 (Rs.25000) and sowed the seeds for the project. The Foundation Stone was laid by PDG Rtn.Thangaraj Bose when Rtn.Theenachandran was the President. It was built by the funds raised by conducting film shows organized by Rtn. Vinodhan & rtn. Jeyaram Kumar. We also received a Matching Grant US$4000 from RI Dist 5330 and Rotary International. The Sharanya Rotary Madurai Metro Home for the Aged building in Karrupayi Oorani was opened when Rtn.Vinay was the President- by the speaker of the Assembly PTR. Rtn Srinivas with the help of PDG Nayagam got Rs.1,85,000 from the Stepping Stone Project Scheme from UK for the home.

Many of our members are associated with the MS Chellamuthu Trust which runs a school for Special Children , for mentally ill persons, alcoholics, drug abusers etc. This Year we have received a matching grant of Rs.5.5 lakhs. Rotary Club of Carmathan UK and Rotary Founadation have helped us to buy furniture, teaching aids etc. for a special school GnanaDeepam run by the MS Chellamautju Trust.

Diabetic Rethinopathy Camps are conducted regularly in association with the Aravind Eye Hospital.

Every year our club arranges a medical camp with the NSS unit of PKN Girls School, Thirumangalam.

Our club is always ready to help in an emergency. In 1997-98 our club arranged for Rs.1 lakh within three hours for the stranded railway passengers who were fooled by the travel agent. Two years back Rs.2 lakhs was collected and relief was distributed personally by Rtn.Suryamurthy to the people of Nagapattinam after the Tsunami

This year under the Village Vision program our club has adopted Achampatty and is providing the necessary amenities for the village. A borewell is to be sunk there.

International service is required to promote world understanding and peace. Nine members two Annes and two Annets have contributed to the Rotary foundation and have become Paul Harris Fellows PHFs.

We have received four grants from Rotary International. Matching Grant for the old age home, Stepping Stone Project for the old age home, Matching Grant for Micro Credit Banking, and and for buying equipment and educational aids for special children in the school GnanaDeepam run by MS Chellamuthu Trust.

So, it was pay back time. We the members of Rotary Club of Madurai Metro decided to contribute to the Rotary Foundation. This year all our 43 members have contributed US$100 each and our club has become the first RFSM Banner Club in our District 3000.

For doing bigger projects, to receive funds from abroad a trust by name Rotary Club of Madurai Metro Trust was registered. Right now we have Rs.1.5 lakhs in the trust. Our aim is to be a contributing club to international projects.

Every year our club members host a GSE member. Rtn. Vasu, Rtn.Theenachandran, Rtn.Vijayakumar, Rtn.Suryamurthy and Rtn.Vinodhan have actively participated in the GSE program as hosts. Rtn. SR.Sridhar had visited the RI Office in Illinios, USA when he was the secretary of the club.

Our club has always been with Rotary International in its quest to eradicate Polio. Our Rtn.Suresh Babu is always active in this project.

Every year our club has received the Presidential Citation for projects in all Avenues of Service. Rtn.Ramgopal has received the RI Presidential Citation for individual members for his outstanding contribution to Rotary.

Our youth is the future. We conduct Efflorecense, Pinnacle, Zenith & Blossom four RYLA programs for students of Thiagarajar College of Engineering. So far about 1000 students have benefited. Rtn.Ramgopal is the soul behind this project. By conducting this program, Rtn. Ramgopal and Mr.Shivakumar of TCE help students improve in their soft skills and make them ready for the future.

We send one or two students to the RI District RYLA every year.

We have two interact clubs. One is as old as our club. The Interact Club of PKN Girls Higher Secondary School at Thirumangalam. was when Rtn.Vasu was the President. And the other is the Interact club of Chidambaram Matriculation School at Ponnamaravathy. Our club member Rtn.Chidambaram is the correspondent of the school and very helpful in running the club. We support the Guru-Shishya program conducted by Vikaasa School, Madurai We will be inaugurating the Rotaract Club at Thiagarajar College of Engineering shortly.

All our projects have the active financial support of the all our members and the public. We have raised funds by conducting film shows, New Year Eve Dinners, Voluntary Sponsorships, Investsmart etc. InvestSmart an exhibition of Financial Institions, Banks, Share & Commodity Brokerages, Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies etc. This exhibition helps the public aware of the different avenues for investing. This our main fund raiser now and all the credit goes to our member Rtn.Amin. Though this was started during my tenure as the President ‘The We Can’ attitude of Rtn.Sridhar gave confidence in the project.

Rtn.Fazal had received the Best Secretary Award and the Best President Award. Rtn.Vinodhan had received the Best President Award.